About us

Who are we?

CNC Experts is a full support service provider for all CNC types and brands. We have a team of expert and professional engineers that offer excellent installation, maintenance, and repair services. We have partnered with many manufacturers in the industry for fast and affordable support services and parts. We also provide reliable support services for other conventional industrial machines as well. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable CNC machine services.


CNC machine repair (Mechanical and Electrical)

Whether it’s a faulty axis, CNC power supply, servo and spindle drive, or the CNC controller, we have got you covered. We repair all CNC machine types and brands.

CNC machine retrofitting and upgradation

CNC Experts can give your CNC machine a new life with a retrofit. We can retrofit your CNC with the latest control technology and electronics thus improving performance at a fraction of its cost.

CNC machine Maintenance: Routine maintenance /AMC

CNC Machines maybe durable heavy-duty performers but they require diligent care through a routine maintenance to keep them working under optimal conditions. This reduces breakdowns of operational inefficiencies and prolongs the lifespan of the equipment.

CNC machine Installation, relocation/shifting

The Installation of CNC machines is a complicated process that requires skilled and experienced engineers. CNC Experts’ team of expert engineers will make the installation process expedient, accurate, and easy for you.

Other Industries we support

  • Packaging Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing
  • Marine
  • Offshore/Onshore Oil fields
  • Plastic molding industry
  • Building Services
  • Generators

Industrial Electronic Repair

CNC Controllers Repair

Our engineers are experienced factory trained and certified experts. We repair all CNC controller in the industry. We have partnered with Fargo and other CNC controller dealers to deliver certified services promptly.

Drives repair

Whether it’s the electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic drive, we can repair it for you. We also repair all the components associated with the drive system; servo motor, stepper motors, lead or ball crews, and rack and pinions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Spindle Motor repair

We have the capacity and ability to repair spindle motors from any VMC, grinding machine, HMC, turning center, or any application. Our team of engineers is the best in the industry with years of experience repairing numerous types and brands of spindles. You can count on us for reliable and prompt spindle motor repair

Industrial Board & Power supply Repair

The good news is power supplies can be repaired. The bad news is that it takes skilled and experienced experts and high precision equipment to execute the task. We have both. We offer prompt and reliable troubleshooting and repair services at friendly rates. We restore power supplies to manufacturer standards.


New Genuine Spare parts

CNC Experts only deals in genuine parts sourced directly from manufacturers. Once you place an order, we will ensure that the parts are delivered within a short time.

Used and refurbished

We offer short term warranties on used and refurbished parts. Our large parts network channel will enable us to source genuine used parts locally and abroad. Parts ordered are sources and delivered within a short period.

Repair capability

CNC Experts offers a 6-month to a one-year warranty on repaired parts. We promptly assess parts for repairability and give you timely feedback on their status. That which is repairable we will repair. That which is not, we will help you source or manufacture.

Other compatible parts or manufacturing of the part

If it's unavailable, do not despair! CNC Experts will help you identify alternative parts that fit well with your machine. If we can’t find one, we could design and manufacture it for you. We will also give you a 6-mont to a one-year warranty on the same.

CNC Machines consumables

CNC Machines experience wear and tear just like conventional machines. Consumables often require to be replaced. CNC Experts is in partnerships with Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Lincoln Electric, KMT, and IPG Photonics among others to ensure we supply you with genuine consumables fast and at at competitive rates.

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