calibration and leveling

CNC machines are manufactured to a certain level of tolerances. These levels of tolerance deviate overtime when the machine continues to be used. These deviations affect the accuracy and repeatability of the CNC machine. Using Renishaw laser equipment alongside linear error compensation features of your control, CNC Experts will help you restore your machine’s accuracy and repeatability.

By utilizing ballbar analysis, the accuracy of Renishaw measurement systems, and our skills and experience we can restore your machine's accuracy to the levels they were during purchase.

CNC machine level is critical for the machine’s accuracy and lifespan. When the machine has not leveled some parts like the motor could strain when running thus damaging your CNC machine.

CNC Experts will help you ensure that the tables, rails, and machines are level. Using laser-based technology we will ensure that machine axes, spindle, and the working surfaces are not only level but also have an excellent geometric relationship as intended by the manufacturer. Keeping your machine level reduces downtime, improves uptime thus eventually increasing efficiency.