Retrofitting and upgradation

CNC Experts can give your CNC machine a new life with a retrofit. We can retrofit your CNC with the latest control technology and electronics thus improving performance at a fraction of its cost.

CNC retrofit can be achieved by introducing axes servo motors and drives, CNC controller, spindle motors and drives, electrical wiring, and other electromechanical components where necessary. CNC retrofit could be as simple as changing the CNC controller from for instance Siemens to Fanuc or Fargo. It could also be as complex as introducing new mechanical parts, electrical parts, and controllers. CNC machine retrofitting offers the following advantages:

  • Superior repeatability

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Enhanced machine control

  • Fast machining cycles

  • Improved accuracy and part finish

CNC Experts has the experience and the mechanical and electrical expertise to conduct successful retrofits of all brands of CNC machines. We have also partnered with Fargo to extend you better support services and good prices for CNC controllers. Our engineers are certified to offer support Funac, Fargo, and Siemens controllers among others.