CNC Machine Reconditioning and Retrofitting

All machines undergo wear and tear due to fatigue, age, and accidents. With CNC retrofitting and mechanical reconditioning, you can restore your CNC machine to factory condition; improve uptime and availability, enhance accuracy and efficiency through a present technology at a fraction of cost of a new machine.

CNC Experts bring years of experience in conducting successful retrofitting projects for all types of CNC machines. We have partnered with many CNC Controllers manufacturers to provide you better support services with best prices. Our engineers are certified to offer support to Fanuc, Fagor, and Siemens controllers, among others.

Depending on your CNC Machine condition and configuration, CNC Experts can help you to:


  • Inspect machine functions and condition
  • Inspection of machine structure, table, guideway, gearbox, ball screw, and related axes movement mechanism in order to identify if replacement, adjustment, repair, or hand scraping is required.
  • Inspection of worn-out parts and identify if repair or replacement is required.
  • Replace CNC Controller, servo drives, motor, spindle, and associated wiring.
  • Replace or repair of pneumatics and hydraulics system
  • Assembly and calibration
  • Perform compliance test and commissioning



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